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Want to transfer to our services?

In order to complete your request to transfer your service from another company to Sleep Solutions Inc., the Supply Department needs the documents listed below.

  1. Itemized prescription including all CPAP or BIPAP settings from your physician
  2. Name, address, phone number of current provider
  3. A dated invoice from the current provider showing the date your machine was delivered as well as make, model and serial number of equipment
  4. Dated invoice of current supplies given.
  5. Insurance coverage information.  Name of insurance along with beneficiary ID and group number
  6. Copy of sleep study (PSG) showing patient qualified for PAP therapy.
  7. Patient demographics; name, address, date of birth, phone numbers, email address

Additional questions can be addressed by calling Sleep Solutions Inc. at 248-688-9095.  Ask for the Supply Department.

Please have all information faxed to 248-688-9941